How do I assemble The Chair?

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We’ve upgraded the legs of The Chair, replacing bolts and screws with a simpler design that clicks into place, making assembly a breeze. Watch this video for an easy step-by-step! You can assemble The Chair as a high chair in three simple steps:

  1. Click all four legs into the base of the seat. 
  2. Line up the crossbar with the set of holes on  the legs and tighten bolts by doing a quarter turn on each bolt until they are all secured. Do not over tighten. Pro Tip: As your child grows, the footrest can be flipped for a couple extra inches and better leg support!
  3. Put belly bar bottom tab through the front slot on the seat. Then take the right and left tab one at a time and push it through the side square holes in the seat. Push through the hole until you hear a loud click.
  4. To slide on the tray, line up the grooves with the lip of the belly bar. You may need to push on the center until you hear it click.  Enjoy meal time with the newest member of your party!

You can find the Chairs manual here.

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