What’s included with the purchase of The Big Bites Starter Kit?

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Big Bites is everything you love about First Bites but for the next developmental stage. The Big Bites Starter Kit includes 1 Plate, 1 Bowl, 1 Mealtime Cup, and Utensils (fork and spoon). All included products are made with FDA-approved non-toxic materials and are dishwasher safe.

Plate: What makes our plate worth cheering for? Adventurous eaters love this big-kid plate with a sleek aesthetic - made of food-grade silicone that looks and feels good, too!

Bowl: For the big(ger) kid with new responsibilities. Graduate to non-suction Bowl for independence featuring sturdy, easy-to-clean quality you love.

Mealtime Cup: Your hydration station just got an upgrade. Easy to chug and love, made with FDA-approved non-toxic silicone for sturdy drinking and easy cleanup.

Utensils: New Big Bites forks and spoons are ergonomic for growing hands but with serious function. Made with dishwasher-safe non-toxic

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What’s included with the purchase of The Big Bites Full Kit?

What’s included with the purchase of The First Bites Full Kit?