Safety Guidelines: The Booster

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• FALL HAZARD: Children have suffered head injuries, including skull fractures, after falling

with or from booster seats.

• Before each use, always check that the booster seat is securely attached to adult chair

before each use.

• ALWAYS use restraints until the child is able to get in and out of the booster seat without

help (about 2 1⁄2 years old). Adjust to fit snugly.

• Stay near and watch your child during use.

• NEVER allow a child to push away from the table.

• NEVER lift and carry a child in the booster seat.

• ALWAYS attach this product to an adult chair using bottom and back attachment straps.

• NEVER use this product on a stool or bench that does not have a seat back.

• Until a child is able to get in and out of the booster seat without help (about 21/2 years old), the

child should be secured in the booster seat at all times by the restraining system. The tray and

belly bar are not designed to hold the child in the chair.

• Use this product only for children capable of sitting upright unassisted.

• Prevent serious injury or death. Do not use in motor vehicles.

• Adult assembly required: package contains small parts, some of which may have sharp edges.

• Always fasten the buckle and proper adjust the length of straps to make sure the

booster is fixed on the chair correctly.

• Never allow child to sit in unsecured chair. Always secure the booster seat to chair.

using the attachment straps. Always check that the attachment is secure before each use.

• Do not use on any elevated surface other than a full sized dining room chair.

• Never fit the booster seat to damaged or unstable chairs, folding chairs, pedestal chairs or

bar stools.

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