What’s Included with the purchase of The First Bites Starter Kit?

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The First Bites Starter Kit includes a Suction Bowl, Little Cup and Little Spoon (2-pack) all made with FDA approved non-toxic and BPA free silicone - you’ll get all of the essentials for starting solids with your little one!

The Suction Bowl features curved sides and a sturdy suction base that secures it to high chair trays and table surfaces, preventing accidental tipovers.

The Little Cup is the perfect training cup for mealtime. The handles enable easy gripping for little hands. It can be used with the straw, the spout, or open to teach your little one how to use the cup on their own.

The Little Spoon is the perfect size for little hands learning how to use a spoon, and the curvature of the spoon’s head makes it great for dipping or scooping food. Made with FDA approved non-toxic and BPA free silicone, the Little Spoon is soft on the gums and can be used for both purees and baby-led weaning methods.

*The First Bites Starter Kit is top rack dishwasher and microwave safe.

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