How does the stroller fold + unfold?

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The stroller was engineered with an intuitive, compact fold so that you can store it in corners and closets. 

To fold:

  • Secure the brake. 
  • Guide the buttons inwards horizontally towards the seat, then all the way down.
  • Once the buttons are fully depressed, the fold mechanism will be unlocked and you will be able to guide the stroller down into the folded position. This should not require any downward force.
  • Make sure the latch* clicks into place once the stroller reaches its fully folded position.
  • Your folded stroller will stand upright when rested on the footboard, so you can stash it anywhere convenient.

*The latch is located on the left side of the frame by the rear wheel and attaches the base to the frame. 

Note: Stroller only folds with seat when it is front-facing. 

To unfold:

  • First, undo the latch. Pro tip: if you lean your stroller towards you at a 45-degree angle so it rests on the edge of the footboard as you undo the latch, gravity will help you out a little.
  • Now, pull up on handlebar while stabilizing the crossbar with your foot until the stroller is back in its unfolded and locked position. 

Text (646) 863-5225 or email if you can't quite get the hang of it—here to help! 

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