How do I assemble The Play Kitchen?

Michael Wieder Updated by Michael Wieder

We always aim to make our products easier to assemble, but to be honest The Play Kitchen requires a bit more patience because there are a lot of pieces. To help you out we made a helpful step by step video. Watch the full video here or scroll down the step you need help with.

Step 1: Assemble the base

Step 2: Assemble the center section

Step 3: Secure the center section to the base

Step 4: Prep the right end panel

Step 5: Attach the end panels to the base

Step 6: Prep the oven knob panel

Step 7: Add the doors and the oven knob panel

Step 8: Prep the counter and backsplash

Step 9: Assemble the counter and the backsplash

Step 10: Counter assembly to assembled kitchen base (plus drawers and shelves)

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